Teaching Philosophy

Both at AMDA NY and in my private vocal studio in New York City I have fostered a love and passion for singing and performing in my students, while instilling in them the importance of healthy vocal technique. With the guidance of my vocal mentors, Cornelius Reid and Julian Patrick, along with my background in and passion for the American Musical Theater canon and classical music, I have been very successful at developing all ages and types of voices and preparing students for flourishing performing careers in both Musical Theatre as well as opera. I want every student to know that vocal training is a lifelong pursuit and that continuous exploration of the voice is a process that can be just as exciting and rewarding as the product. Good vocal health with a strong, clear idea of technique opens up a world of possibilities of musicality, theatricality, not to mention repertoire choices and career longevity. With a healthy voice, any style of singing is available to you.

My philosophy of vocal technique, based on Mr. Reid’s work of register mechanics, is perfectly suited for addressing complicated technical vocal issues, especially the unique needs of singing Musical Theater: I believe there is such a thing as a healthy belt, and that all singers should develop their head voice for complete, long-lasting vocal health. The technique of balancing the registers not only produces healthy, viable voices, but also reveals the individual singer’s unique voice. I want each student to discover what makes their voice special and distinctly their own. This in turn helps them to explore repertoire artistically and creatively. In regards to artistry, I believe singing is fundamentally theatrical (no matter the genre), and that a thorough understanding of the text, diction, context, character, musicianship, and perhaps most important of all, musicality, are integral to expressive singing. Technique alone will not produce results without particular attention to these other essential elements.

I am thrilled to say that the majority of my private students work in their chosen profession of being professional performers in both musical theatre, opera and even pop and R&B. I am incredibly proud to have had a number of students reach their ultimate goal of performing in the Broadway productions of A Chorus Line, Hairspray, and Wicked. Many others are on various National Tours and work in Regional houses all over the country. Knowing that I have contributed to their overall success means everything to me.

My ultimate goal is to teach voice and performing skills with an emphasis on healthy, expressive singing of all styles to aspiring performers of any level, ability or age.

I am pleased to answer any inquiries about my practices, philosophy.