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Opera for Opera’s Sake

I suddenly realized that one could construe from my previous posts that I now hate classical music and opera. Let me set the record straight: this is absolutely false. I still love classical vocal music in all its forms. I love to sing and teach it as much as I do Musical Theater. That is the point, after all: BOTH genres getting equal time and love in my musical life. Just as I found my way back to Musical Theater, I am also finding my way back to classical music as well, partly because I gave myself time away from it. I am rediscovering why I was drawn to it in the first place: the beauty, the elegance, the nuance, the power, the scope, the lushness, the intimacy. I am getting back to wanting to sing it for its pure qualities and the joy it brings to me as a singer and a teacher, to my audiences and students, not for this audition or that, this requirement or that technical milestone.

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