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Frederica Von Stade

Not a dry eye in the house as HGO honors Frederica von Stade after final performance – 2011-Feb-09 – CultureMap Houston:

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Ok, so I am woefully behind the times with this news. But it caught my eye since Ms. Von Stade is another one of my favorite opera singers; another American opera singer who sings opera and Musical Theatre equally fantastically. I fell in love with her voice the first time I heard her sing Debussy’s Ariettes Oublies; a transcendent experience. And then seeing her on-stage in the role of Octavian in Der Rosenkavalier sealed the deal. She is as phenomenal an actress as she is singer. Octavian is a teenage BOY played by a woman. And then in Act 3 Octavian dresses up as a girl. So now we have a woman playing a teenage boy playing a teenage girl… and she was completely believable. There was not one moment, not one gesture that took you out of the fantasy. The suspension of disbelief was complete. It was one of those theatrical moments I will never forget, one that inspired me to pursue this crazy profession. To be able to THAT, well, what could be better?

And then I just stumbled upon this as well:

Saint Flicka: Frederica von Stade | The New York Observer:

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This passage in particular caught my eye: “It seems to me a much crueler business than it was in my day,” she said. “When I first went to the Met, I felt like I was led around like a child in third grade. Now it seems a bit more brutal. You’re not allowed to fail at all. And every career develops. You’re going to make mistakes and have bad times. Sometimes I don’t feel the business today allows these kids to do that.”


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