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My New Philosophy

I am all fired up! Today I had my first online branding webinar taught by Greg Sandow and my mind is reeling with ideas and possibilities. Today we talked about branding in general, how it works, examples of what works and what doesn’t in both the retail world as well as the Classical music world. The big question Greg wants us to ask ourselves is, How do we know it’s YOU?!

Who are you? What do you do? How does the person(a) and the work interact, intersect and intermingle? How do you articulate your message and present your “public face,” as one of the participants put so well, so that it is clear, organized, interesting?

So, a start on who am I? and what do I do?

I sing AND teach singing.

I am musical AND theatrical.

I love to sing AND teach equally. Furthermore, I sing as I teach and I teach how and what I sing.

I love to work in the genres of both Classical AND Musical Theatre.

I am silly AND passionate. (I first wrote “funny and serious” and while also true, I think the first two adjectives speak louder.)

It suddenly seems obvious to write the above sentences and yet I’ve never actually spoken of myself in such a forthright manner before.

I like it! “And that’s my new philosophy…”

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