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She’s called little Buttercup

I am moved to brag about one of my students again, this time a brand new one: Christie Jungling just got the role of Buttercup in Pentacle Theatre’s production of H.M.S. Pinafore. I am so thrilled for her! We’ve been working together for five or six weeks and I couldn’t be happier with what we have accomplished in such a short time. However, I’m not really surprised because I knew before we ever had a lesson that she was smart, motivated, and extremely hard working, three important ingredients to successful teaching and learning. And as predicted, she is a fantastic student (as well as one of the loveliest, most supportive humans on the planet)! (As I joked with her, she does what I tell her to do! What a concept!)
But seriously, Christie came to lessons with no agenda other than to improve and develop her voice, to finally find out her full potential as a singer. And she is well on her way. From the moment we started working together, she was completely open to trying all the new sounds and approaches to her voice and immediately her voice evolved and developed into a full, beautiful and expressive instrument. And then when we worked on the song she was preparing for the audition, she went all in, immediately applying everything we had worked on in the purely technical part of the lesson. She (seemingly effortlessly) combined all the new vocal stuff with the new musical stuff with the new acting stuff, all at the same time. See, it can be done! Her audition piece had all the essential elements: excellent singing, good diction, musicality, theatricality and clear, audibly interesting interpretation. I love working with talented, motivated people who not only participate in the process of developing their voice but enjoy that process as much as the results. It is so rewarding. I am so proud of her and have opening night tickets to see the show!

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