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Find out who you are and do it on purpose. ~ Dolly Parton

Self-promotion has never been my strong suit; I actually tend towards the self-effacing. I will tell you readily all the terrible things people have said about me as a singer, but it is like pulling teeth for me to be forthcoming about the praise I have received. (Tsk tsk!) And as a classical musician, you are generally taught that your work will speak for itself. However, as I have learned inadvertently throughout my life and especially in the branding workshop I just completed, it doesn’t, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with telling the world about yourself and what you have to offer. In fact, it is essential that you do so. Greg Sandow’s branding workshop was brilliant and I learned so many valuable lessons from him and my fellow musicians, but the brightest blinking neon-sign message I took away from the experience is that all of us have something uniquely wonderful and valuable to offer this world and it is important that we get the word out about our unique contribution to the arts.


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  • We ARE all unique and have something to offer. I believe it’s our job to discover what it is and take the pains to develop it. Thank you for all you do and contribute AND for the wonderful and beautiful singer you are.

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