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A new chapter

Is it possible I have not blogged in over three years?! Absurd. But never mind… I am at the beginning of a new chapter of my life and thus a new blog post!

There has been one enormous change since my last post in September of 2014. I no longer live in Salem, Oregon. My husband and I have just this month, February 2018, settled into a beautiful rental house (built around 1915) in Summerville, South Carolina, 22 miles west of Charleston.

Leaving Oregon was terribly hard: heart breaking, tearful, wrenchingly emotional. Leaving that wonderful, loving community of friends, leaving our beautiful 1859 home…. Striking out into the unknown… One of the most difficult things either of us has ever done. And yet, leave we did, for many good reasons. My husband, who so selflessly and lovingly moved to Oregon in February of 2011 to help me take care of my elderly mother, desired to see his family more than once a year. And since my dear parents are no longer on this earth, it was time for us to be closer to his family. So we sold our house and set off across the country to find a new home.

Yes, we drove all 5000+ miles! We drove south through Oregon and California and then made a left. We basically followed the old Route 66 through Arizona (the Grand Canyon!), New Mexico (Santa Fe!), the panhandle of Texas, and Oklahoma, then Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and eventually back to South Carolina. Charleston and Summerville charmed us with all the history, architecture, culture, cuisine, proximity to the ocean, trees, and warmer temperatures (ok, that was on my husband’s plus list, not mine. I think I might melt this summer…).

And so, a new chapter, a Southern adventure begins!

And as soon as my piano arrives, I will be open for business again, via Skype and in person. Singing should sound great in this historic home with all its heart pine floors and high ceilings!


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  • So excited for you. Can’t wait to get started! I’ve been singing to a two year old recording of one of your lessons. Hope to visit you as well someday though I think I like you more than you like me lol….We do love your posts so keep them coming. We miss you of course! Love Tracy

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