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“Amy not only gave me the tools to create better sounds with my voice, but she also helped me fill those notes with what was in my heart. A great teacher, a great performer, and a dear friend.”     Daniel Robinson (Hairspray on Broadway, Will Parker in Oklahoma! First National Tour)

“The interest and individual care that Amy puts into mentoring each of her students is truly remarkable. I have had the honor of working with Amy at AMDA and had a truly wonderful experience. Her teachings really helped me grow and I feel that much of my success is due to the help and support of Amy and would recommend her to anyone.     Stephanie Torns (Waitress and Wicked on Broadway, Elphaba in Wicked National Tour)

“Amy made me a professional! In three years, my lessons with Amy took me from a non-singer to booking jobs in musical theatre. She finds a way to make YOUR voice work and does it with supportiveness and kindness. I was cast in the National Tour of A Chorus Line because of her!”      Justin Clynes (Greg in A Chorus Line National Tour)

“Amy is an absolute blessing to work with! She is not only knowledgeable in everything technical, but she completely understands and helps me thrive in the storytelling and art of music. She also has very individualized sessions, and is more than willing to help accomplish personal music goals (whether it be working on audition pieces, songs for performances, growing in technique, etc). I highly recommend contacting her about taking a lesson if you’re even the slightest bit interested in expanding your craft! Madison Daning (H.S senior, Goose Creek, SC, Charleston Stage ensemble member, Coastal Carolina University Musical Theatre Major)

“Amy has had such a powerful impact on my daughter’s life… My daughter had always been interested in voice instruction, but her competitive dance life had been her focus. As she prepared for her first Broadway Intensive at USC, she enjoyed several private vocal lessons with Amy and immediately knew that she must continue with private instruction if she wanted to continue to grow in this discipline. One of the things that I appreciated the most was our initial meeting…We talked about not only where my daughter had been on her journey but also where we hoped to see her go as she began her new adventure… Each week, my daughter comes out from her voice lesson with a huge smile and great stories to tell. Most recently, my daughter noted that as she returned to the USC Broadway Intensive for a second summer, both the director and vocal coach for the Intensive commented on the tremendous growth and progress she had made by taking private lessons with Amy and encouraged her to continue with the instruction. It is with complete satisfaction and an even greater appreciation that I recommend Ms. Amy Billings to anyone at any level who wishes to learn more about the voice, or simply what one is capable of achieving if you just believe it.”     Chrissy Fortner, mother of voice student 

“Amy is one of the most compassionate and talented people I have ever come across. She has a way to make you feel completely comfortable and make your voice soar. Amy has helped me become a better singer and performer by not only giving me the proper techniques and improving my range, but also by giving me the confidence to try things I would never try before. As a working actor she has given me the tools to maintain my voice, which are essential when performing 8 shows a week.”     Matthew Frusher (Regional Musical Theatre actor)

“I studied with Amy when I first started out acting. Eventually I found that my true “voice” was in theatrical management and producing. Though I do not sing anymore, I do utilize the training I received from Amy on a regular basis while I work with and hire performers. She is one of the few voice teachers I have encountered who truly understand pedagogy and effectively teaches it to others. Anyone who studies with Amy has a heightened awareness of their voice. With this awareness comes true craftsmanship. With craftsmanship comes professionalism. With professionalism comes a job. Amy’s students work. Period. Amy has enthusiasm for her craft, empathy for the performer, knowledge of the voice, and assertiveness as a teacher. Amy is not only a great teacher, but “The” teacher. Oh… She is really fun to study with too…” Michael Cedar (Fiddler on the Roof National Tour)

“I met Amy at a time when I was very frustrated with singing. Fortunately, my frustration was no match for Amy’s patience, compassion, and great understanding of vocal technique. Amy is incredibly perceptive and is able to tailor her approach to each student while passing on techniques and exercises to allow her students to succeed outside of lessons. Amy is able to share her understanding of the voice and how it works in relationship to all of her exercises. Throughout lessons, I have been able to hear my voice grow stronger, more balanced, clear and resonant – and I have an understanding of how and why, so that I can help give my voice what it needs when I am warming up and singing on my own. With Amy’s help, I have been able to sing with an ease and consistency that I had never thought was possible. When I leave my lessons with Amy, I feel truly excited about singing. My voice feels free! With Amy, I have re-discovered my joy for singing and I am thrilled about the sound I am able to achieve. I cannot say enough about her incredible, careful skill, her passion, and her unparalleled commitment to her students.”  Betsy Holt (actress)

“My daughter loves working with Amy. She makes her feel completely comfortable and I have been amazed with her growth.”     Leah Livingston, mother of voice student

“I started working with Amy a few years ago after becoming increasingly frustrated by chronic technical problems. I was still working professionally but something was missing that seemed to keep me from reaching what I felt my potential was. After a week of intense work with Amy, I was able to sing repertoire more easily and more fully than I had ever been able to before. She was able to target problems specifically and unlock them. She works with me in an environment of generosity and respect. I go to her immediately when I need something “fixed” and she is always able to help me. She’s an amazing teacher and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to anyone.” Susan Brownfield (opera singer, Basel, Switzerland)

“Amy knew who I was and what sort of singer I could be the moment I stepped in to her studio. She gave me confidence and helped me realize my full potential. Amy offered me support, strength and never gave up on me, even when I was afraid of moving forward. She is patient, fun and passionate; I would recommend Amy to everyone!”           Amy Swift (Regional Musical Theatre performer, Toronto, Canada)

“Upon moving to the city to go to school and sing, I immediately lost the singing voice I’d always had. Although I insisted that my voice had never sounded that way before, everyone assumed that my voice just wasn’t very good; except for Amy. She realized that there was a real medical issue going on and helped me get to the right doctor. I had terrible acid reflux and was told that my voice might never come back. For years, Amy stuck by me and gave me the technique needed to help me heal and understand my voice on a deeper level. When everyone thought my singing career was done, Amy continued to believe in me and never stopped teaching me techniques that were very specific to my needs. Because of her willingness to never stop trying to improve something that, at the time, seemed like a lost cause, my voice is back! It is in a far better place than it was before and I’m constantly performing and releasing an album! I feel very blessed that I’ve gotten to work with Amy all these years.”  Paige Nichols (singer-songwriter, Nashville)

“Amy is a brilliant teacher who not only improves and perfects the singing voice but also the artistic mind. While working with her, I gained a deeper understanding of how my voice works and how to unlock and utilize it to its fullest potential. She also gave me brilliant insights and advice when it came to pursuing and prepping for my career in college and the real world. She teaches in a way that effectively strengthens vocal quality and helps you develop a deeper understanding of music and text. Anyone would be lucky to study with Amy.  Spence Logan (student, Long Island University)

“I have been singing for over 40 years, with at least 7 different teachers, and Amy is by far the best teacher I have ever had. Studying with her, I extended my range both at the top and the bottom, and deepened and improved my head voice. Amy is an accomplished singer and performer herself, and because of her intimate knowledge of singing for the stage, she is able to prepare an artist for it. I am a professional singer and I truly appreciated her knowledge and help.” Ann Peck McBride (Broadway, Regional and International stage actress)

Amy was the most talented voice teacher in Salem, Oregon. She was truly a gem in the community. I started voice lessons with her in late high school. I had taken lessons from two other people before, but no one was quite like Amy. She stopped me from apologizing for making mistakes, taught me how to fix them, and how to move on. She has changed my choir singer voice into the voice of a soloist, has given me confidence, and has made me a better singer and performer. Her coaching and advice have no doubt helped me get roles in high school and community theater productions. About a year ago my cousin was looking for a voice teacher. He’s a timid middle school boy and she was the perfect teacher for him as well. She gave him confidence and encouragement.
Amy has the experience and knowledge to teach any level. In Salem, her students ranged from middle school students to adults that sing professionally. Her reputation and professionalism are second to none, and the Salem community will dearly miss her! Ellie Knoll (Salem, Oregon) 


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