In Person in Summerville, SC and Online via Skype




  • Be comfortable but polished/put together.
  • Dress for the job/part you want.
    • This does not mean to wear a costume! But it does mean that if you want someone to take you seriously, wear clothes that will signal that. Your pajamas DON’T do that.
  • If you wear heels, make sure you can actually walk and move around in them easily. (No baby gazelles wobbling on unsteady legs.)


Your “Book”:

  • Music should be hole-punched in a three ring binder that is sturdy enough to stand up and open flat (and stay flat) on the piano.
  • Arrange your music so that there are as few page turns as possible. You can use fold-outs to make that happen. Just make sure at least one page is clipped into the binder.
    • Tape your music together. Never use staples.
  • Clean, readable copies that are well-marked: clear intro and play out, breath marks, tempo changes, etc…
  • Most pianists don’t like those plastic sheet protectors because of the glare.
  • You should have 2 “books”: one for auditions with only the music you are prepared to perform (no more than 6) and one containing all the music you are currently working on.
    • Bring only the audition book into the audition room.
  • If you are doing a cut of a song, have separate music for each version. With cut versions, make sure the title of the song, the key and time signature are clearly visible.


In the room

  • Enter with confidence. Smile at the panel.
    • Remember that they are looking forward to hearing you!
    • They have to hire someone! It might as well be YOU!


  • Talk to the pianist first. Be friendly but professional. Walk them through your piece:
    • where it starts, ends, any tempo changes, key changes.
    • Give them the tempo by singing it. Do not clap, snap or beat on the piano.


  • Slate with confidence in two sentences. “Hello, my name is… I will be singing…”
    • Practice this. I have heard people forget their own names from nervousness!


  • Take a moment before you start. It is YOUR TIME to do what you need to do to.




  • Share your true self, not the person you think we want.


And finally, and perhaps most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!

Singing, acting, performing: they are all joyful acts. Share your love of the art form with us.