Becoming the singer you are meant to be

“Seeing ‘what is’ takes very little talent. Seeing ‘what could be’- and helping to make it a reality- takes vision, imagination, skill, and commitment.” –John C. Maxwell   This quote perfectly describes what my job is when I listen to a new student for the first time. I envision ‘what could be’ from ‘what is.’

If the only prayer you say is thank you, it will be enough.

A song of thanks to my teachers:   Thank you to Rhoda for introducing me to musical theater in the most wonderful way possible: instruction with love, respect and patience, professionalism with friendship and kindness, perfectionism with humor and understanding. For showing me what a director can do for you and how joyous being on

Just plain brawn makes me yawn

I have had some wonderful, energizing weeks of teaching recently. Besides really liking and connecting with these lovely humans, one of the reasons I have especially enjoyed these past six weeks or so is that I have been teaching a number of the same students consistently and they are experiencing noticeably positive, fundamental changes in