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Stephen Sondheim

In honor of Stephen Sondheim’s 90th Birthday, 3/22/2020 I love Stephen Sondheim’s musicals. I love his music. I love his lyrics. Two of his musicals, Into The Woods and Company make my top 10 favorite musicals list. But I have to confess, this wasn’t always the case. <Gasp> Besides, West Side Story and Gypsy, for …


Rejection: Audition Edition

Let’s talk Rejection: Audition edition. It sucks. You put your heart and soul into auditioning. You put your time and energy and money and psyche into auditioning. You put yourself out there to be judged, critiqued, scrutinized, and ultimately either rejected, or, preferably, chosen. It’s exhausting. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, and not the cute, kiddie …

Bernadette Peters


February 28 is Bernadette Peters’ birthday. It’s generally considered bad form to tell a lady’s age, but in her case, since she is ageless, timeless really, I think it’s alright to say she’s 72. Let’s celebrate age instead of hide from it. Let’s sing her praises. It’s hard to know where to start in praise …


An American in Paris

Once upon a time, I gave a solo recital in Paris. France. This is that story. It all started in 2000, when my dear friend, Bettina Matthias, professor of German extraordinaire (specializing in music and theatre), asked me to come to Middlebury College to give a German Lieder recital with her at the piano, in …


It’s A Family Affair

I used to joke with my parents that there was no way I could have been adopted (besides the fact that I am a dead ringer for my mother) because I had inherited all their faults and flaws: bad eyesight, allergies, slow metabolism, terrible temper… But of course my parents gave me much more than …


A Heart Full of Love

I’ve been a hopeless romantic since birth. Let me curl up with a good romantic novel and I’m happy (hello, Pride and Prejudice!).  I love romantic comedies: I know every word of When Harry Met Sally. And naturally, I love love songs; a good one will reduce me to tears. (I dare you to listen …


The Marvelous Ms. Julie Andrews

You could say Julie Andrews was my first voice teacher. No, I have never had the great good fortune to meet the marvelous Ms. Andrews, but I have been listening to her sing since I was a child and subsequently learned vast amounts about singing (and diction and acting) from her immense talent. So in …


Who could ask for anything more?!

Fittingly, an opera singer introduced me to the music of George Gershwin. My first exposure to his glorious music was an album entitled “Kiri sings Gershwin.” That’s Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, international opera star, to you. She was the toast of the opera world at the time, rightly so, and was everywhere in the 1980s. …