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Rejection: Audition Edition

Let’s talk Rejection: Audition edition. It sucks. You put your heart and soul into auditioning. You put your time and energy and money and psyche into auditioning. You put yourself out there to be judged, critiqued, scrutinized, and ultimately either rejected, or, preferably, chosen. It’s exhausting. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, and not the cute, kiddie …


Three Bucks, Two Bags, One Me

On September 9, 1998, I got on a plane in Portland, Oregon headed to New York City, New York. I had a purse, a carry-on, and two large suitcases. I had a temporary place to stay in a women’s dorm on 34th Street. I had the possibility of two jobs. And a voice teacher. I …


An offer I couldn’t refuse

In March of 1998, my life changed forever. This was when I first met Cornelius Reid, the man who profoundly changed my singing voice, the way I sang, the way I thought about singing, the way I taught, the way I thought about and viewed the world, musically and otherwise, gave me a career, a …


It’s Christmas time in the city

Christmas time presents me with the perfect opportunity to write a love letter to New York City. As mentioned previously, I have not really missed living there…until this month. As my thoughts turn to December 25thand all its accoutrements, I am suddenly incredibly homesick for my former home. I am very much missing all the …


Cole Porter to the Rescue

Once I decided to be a vocal performance major in college, there was no turning back. For four years of college, eight years of graduate school and a decade in New York City, I immersed myself in the classical vocal world. And I did truly love it. At both my universities, my professors taught me …