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Bernadette Peters


February 28 is Bernadette Peters’ birthday. It’s generally considered bad form to tell a lady’s age, but in her case, since she is ageless, timeless really, I think it’s alright to say she’s 72. Let’s celebrate age instead of hide from it. Let’s sing her praises. It’s hard to know where to start in praise …


My Job as a Voice Teacher

“Seeing ‘what is’ takes very little talent. Seeing ‘what could be’- and helping to make it a reality- takes vision, imagination, skill, and commitment.” –John C. Maxwell This quote perfectly describes what my job is when I listen to a new student for the first time. I must envision ‘what could be’ from ‘what is.’ …


A Cautionary Tale

In my very first group of students at AMDA NY was a young woman, “Martha”, with a huge, high belt voice. Not surprisingly, she had no real head voice to speak of and unfortunately, as I discovered over our time together, she had no interest whatsoever in developing it. Being a teenager and seemingly vocally …


Cole Porter to the Rescue

Once I decided to be a vocal performance major in college, there was no turning back. For four years of college, eight years of graduate school and a decade in New York City, I immersed myself in the classical vocal world. And I did truly love it. At both my universities, my professors taught me …