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Why Take Voice Lessons?

Why take voice lessons? I get asked this question frequently, especially with regards to the cost. Here are some of the reasons voice lessons are important and potentially life changing. (They certainly did all this for me!)

A voice lesson is the cornerstone of the regimen for becoming a singer.

  • If you want to make singing your life’s work, a voice lesson is as essential as exercising, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, and sleeping- it’s just what you do to stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

In voice lessons, you develop your instrument by learning proper vocal technique and a range of other skills (diction, acting, musicality) to grow as a singer, performer and artist.


Voice lessons…

  • cultivate better focus and concentration
  • improve memory
  • learn successful multi-tasking
  • encourage imagination
  • develop interpersonal skills 
  • develop poise, professionalism and confidence.


Voice lessons connect you one on one with a professional/teacher/mentor who shares your passion for the art of music, singing and performing.

  • A voice teacher is a supportive, encouraging, inspirational guide in the complicated, emotionally fraught world of singing.
  • Parents don’t always know the ins and outs of the musical and theatrical world. A voice teacher helps parents understand the what, why, and how.


A voice teacher imparts individually tailored skills (this is key!) for you to become an artist in your own right.


Voice lessons help the development and discovery of ourselves as unique, thinking, feeling, creative beings.


Cultivating your passion in one area develops your passion for life in general.

  • To be a singer, you have to know about the art, theater, history, and sociology informing the music as well as just the music itself. This makes you an interesting, well-rounded person.



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